How do I become a member?

You can sign up online by filling in the form here or visit the toy library when we are open and fill in the form in person. The coordinator will need to see your driver’s licence the first time you visit. Payment can be made via direct debit to our account or by cash in person.

How many toys can I borrow?

Each child on your membership may borrow 2 toys and 2 puzzles or games for up to 3 weeks. Babies under 18 months can borrow 3 toys instead of puzzles. Up to 2 extra toys may be borrowed for an additional fee of $3 each. You can renew your toys for 1 week using our online system.

What payment methods do you accept?

Unfortunately we do not have credit/debit card facilities. You can pay cash or via direct debit. Our account details are:
Manningham Toy Library Inc.
BSB: 633 000
A/c: 132 794 793
Reference: Your name

How do I borrow toys?

Once you are signed up as a member simply choose your toys and puzzles and take them to the check out counter. The toy codes will be entered onto your membership. Members are encouraged to check their toys before leaving the toy library to ensure all toys are complete.

Can I donate toys to the toy library?

Yes! We love receiving donations of good quality toys provided they are:
• Toys suitable for children from around 3 months to 6 years of age
• Durable and easy to clean
• Easy to transport in a car
• Complete puzzles and board games
• Spare parts such as Little People, plastic balls and blocks
We do not accept donations of soft toys and dolls as they are difficult to clean.

How does the volunteer roster work?

We rely on our members’ assistance to keep our membership prices affordable. Each family is required to complete four rostered sessions per year (equivalent to about 6-8 hours annually). Volunteering simply involves counting toys as they are returned during an open session to ensure all pieces are accounted for. Members select their own dates by logging in to our online system and shifts are available for Thursday nights or Saturday mornings. Volunteers get first choice of the most popular toys as they are returned and can also borrow an extra toy for their child. Children are welcome at open sessions provided they are supervised by their parent/carer.

What happens if I can’t volunteer during open hours?

You can also volunteer for us at special events such as open days, messy play days, sausage sizzles or talks to new parent groups. A limited number of volunteer opportunities can also be performed at home such as cleaning toys and costumes, mending toys or labeling new toys. On occasion we may need assistance with gardening and working bees and all of these options count towards your volunteer sessions.

What is the duty levy?

The duty levy is an option for members who are unable to commit to any volunteer shifts. The cost is $100 and we only offer a limited number of places as we require most of our members to volunteer to ensure the smooth running of the toy library.

Do you have late fines?

Late toys incur a fine of $4 per family per week. If you are unable to return your toys when they are due you can renew your toys for one more week online or send an email to the coordinator and they will do it for you. We understand that families with young children are very busy and sometimes circumstances are out of your hands so please let us know if you are having trouble returning your toys on time and require a longer extension.

What happens if I lose a toy?

If you can’t find a toy piece we will ask you to borrow the toy for an additional 3 weeks to keep searching for it. In most cases the pieces turn up during this time and the problem is solved. If the piece is still missing please let the coordinator know when you return the toy and you will be asked to pay a deposit for a spare part. Most of the time this will only be $2 or $3 unless the missing piece is difficult to source. If you find the lost piece and return it to the toy library we will refund your deposit. In the case that the missing piece is detrimental to the play value of the toy the loss will be calculated individually at the committee’s discretion.

What is the toy library committee?

The committee consists of toy library members and is a constitutional requirement of the toy library. The committee makes decisions about the every day running of the toy library, employs a part-time coordinator, helps choose new toys to purchase and runs events such as open days and messy play events. The committee meets around every 6 weeks in the evening. All members are welcome and encouraged to join the committee and get involved.

What else do I need to know?

Toys should be returned clean and dry, including outdoor toys and bath toys. Please wipe them down with a damp cloth or baby wipe before returning them. If you are returning a toy that is not working properly please let us know so that it can be mended or retired.

Battery toys do not have their batteries replenished by the toy library. Please use your own batteries from home and remove them before returning to the toy library. We recommend using rechargeable batteries to minimize the impact on landfill. We assume all battery functions work with fresh batteries but please let us know if this is not the case.

If you are borrowing a bike, balance bike or scooter your child must wear a helmet when riding it. This is the law in Victoria and a toy library insurance requirement. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to supply a helmet.

Your child must be supervised at all times whilst visiting the toy library. Please select age appropriate toys. Toys are labeled with age recommendations and safety warnings. Ask our coordinator if you need assistance choosing toys.